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What does a behaviour consultation look like?

Ok so, you have done some initial research and we had a chat. The guidance I provided, is that your dog needs a behaviour consultation. Well what does that actually involve?

Firstly, my behaviour packages are only sold in exactly that; a package. Why?, I hear you ask. Well simply put, changing a problem behaviour takes time and you will require support. Further to this, certain aspects of a behaviour treatment plan involve exposing your dog, in small doses, to the thing it is scared of. If you get it wrong, you could make it a lot worse very quickly. It is like open brain surgery for your dog.

A package is therefore made of one diagnostic online questionnaire, an initial phone call, first consultation, a treatment plan, interim follow up phone calls, instant messaging and video analysis and a follow up training appointment.

The initial phone call is free if we decide not to work together. This is a chance for me to hear about you and your dog. If we decided to work together payment is taken via online invoice, the online diagnostic form is sent for completion and a first consultation is put in the diary.
Armed with the information from the questionnaire, I will call you on the morning of the consultation and agree an entrance plan for me into your house, if your dog has problems with strangers.

The first consultation is a chance for me to meet and bond with you and the dog. I will chat through the questionnaire with you while observing the dog’s behaviour. Through observations, your questionnaire information and the talk we have I will begin to form a treatment plan. In the second half of the session, I will start to demonstrate and coach you on the training elements of the plan. This is a chance for you to practice, under expert supervision, so you know just what to do.

If the dog has issues outside, we will go outside and practice there. The whole first consultation usually lasts between 2 and 3 hours, which sounds like a lot but it always absolutely flies by, as it is so fun and varied. I love these sessions and so will you and your dog. You will learn lots of valuable and fascinating information you never knew about your dog and lots of new skills. You will see the dog begin to relax on the session as we show them how.

Once the session is over we arrange session 2 for a few weeks’ time and I leave you all to relax and sleep off the day’s excitement. I meanwhile, will go home and send you written information to support the work I have given you to do. It will be a very structured plan and very concise and simple to follow instructions, for each training exercise we did.

The advice given is tailor made specifically about YOU and YOUR dog. It is not generic one size fits all, it is original, focussed and targeted instructions prescribed for you and your dog, based on all the diagnostic and therapeutic training we did on the first consultation. Every dog is a unique personality and everyone’s house lay out and walking locations are also unique. Therefore, the advice and training is unique to this!

Between sessions I am available for phone calls to problem solve snags. On the second session we will go straight into training mode and you can show me your progress and I can coach and push you further.

Most of my clients see a positive change within a few days just through some simple routine changes and some fun new games for the dog. The best results however, come to those who implement my plan long term. I see major goals achieved regularly in the 6 months and onwards time frame. Only recently a client who I started working with 6 months ago, has just started walking her two dogs together again after walking them separately to work through reactivity. This is a long-term life style change not a quick fix made for tv.

The aim of my package is to have you as self-sufficient as possible at the end of it. If top up sessions are required they are charged at discounted rates as you have already committed to the package.