30 minutes £40

1 hour £65

1.5 hour £90

-A good way to get advice if you cannot get to me or cannot receive guests for a variety of reasons

-If you specifically want to work with Paul but live too far away for a face to face appointment

-First aid advice to stabilise stressful situations

-Group / conference consultations where more than one person regularly handles the dog but do not live together or are hard to get in the same place at the same time

-Top up sessions and short progressions

-A more cost-effective way to get general advice

-A second opinion

Coronavirus Consultations

-New puppy. Maybe you have used this time to settle a new puppy in or acquired a puppy just before and now you don’t know how lockdown will affect the puppies socialisation. The puppy development plan transfers very well to video format.

-Initial behaviour consultations for interim and first aid advice. There is a lot that can be covered on this format to stabilise and improve situations whilst in lockdown.

-Separation anxiety. When you go back to work, some dogs will experience anxiety after having their owners at home, you guys with dogs like that probably know who you are. Head this off now with things you can do to mitigate the risk.

-Boredom with only one walk per day. After new government guidelines for lockdown, we can only walk our dogs once per day. There is a whole multitude of things you can do at home with your dog to replace the walk or two they have lost.

-Dogs who have had their mind blown by having their owners home all day and will now not leave their owners alone.

Feel free to contact me for more information:

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Online Video Consultations

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